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Exterior Repair

Exterior repair entails addressing and restoring any structural or aesthetic issues on the outer surfaces of
a building, ensuring its resilience against the elements
and maintaining its visual appeal.

Interior Repair

Interior repair encompasses the restoration and improvement of the inside of a structure, involving
tasks such as fixing damaged walls, replacing flooring, and upgrading fixtures to enhance the functionality
and aesthetics of the space.

Custom Projects

Building a custom project entails tailoring every aspect
to the unique preferences and requirements of the client, ensuring a one-of-a-kind creation that reflects their individual style and vision.



Demolition on a house involves the systematic dismantling or removal of structures, materials, and components to clear the site, making way for renovations, new construction, or repurposing of the space.


Building a deck involves meticulous planning, precise measurements, and the skillful assembly of materials
to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing
outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.


Complete Remodeling

Remodeling a house involves a comprehensive transformation, where structural changes, design updates, and functional improvements are made to enhance the overall appeal and functionality of the
living space.

We Follow Best Practices

Committed To Keeping People Healthy & Safe

Construction safety is paramount in ensuring the well-being of workers and the overall success of construction projects. Our employers and workers alike prioritize safety protocols to mitigate the risks associated with these tasks. This includes providing comprehensive safety training, enforcing the use of personal protective equipment, and implementing strict adherence to established safety standards.


Sustainable construction involves adopting practices that minimize negative effects on the environment, conserve resources, and promote social responsibility.

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Bellevue, WA

Erin F.

We were looking to replace the handrail in the entryway of our midcentury home. The previous owners had installed a railing that was not sturdy, and didn't match the design of the rest of the house. Ryan listened to our needs and preferences, and worked with us to develop a design for a new railing. A few weeks later, he arrived with the necessary craftsmen and materials. They were able to custom build the railing on-site, and install it, in a matter of days. We love the new railing. It's rock solid, matches the look of our home, and receives compliments from our guests!


Bellevue, WA

Victoria S.

We hired Bob to complete a wide range of jobs and re-work leftover from a previous contractor who lost their license and went bankrupt. To put it lightly, their quality of work was beyond substandard and Bob came in mid-project to correct a lot of issues. It was no easy task. He not only corrected our issues, which took a lot of craftsmanship and creativity, he was also dedicated to completing our project on-time and prioritized tasks as needed. He consistently went above and beyond - even with the small touches like bringing in garbage cans and packages. As someone who works from home, I saw his work at every step of the way and couldn't be happier. My only regret is not hiring Bob from the start - I would recommend him to anyone looking for projects big and small. He will get the project done the right way without compromising quality.


Seattle, WA

Christopher G.

I love dealing with businesses that tell me exactly what they're going to do and what time it will begin and then it happens! No fooling around, very professional and straight forward. I meant to write this review a month ago because I depend on reviews to help decide with whom I want to work. Definitely recommend!


Seattle, WA

Roger O.

We were delighted with the work Bob and his team did for us. They were flexible and responsive and had access to good subcontractors when the work went beyond their specific skills. Exceptional workmanship at fair prices. We'll be in touch with them again in the future.

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